Shedding Some Light

Shedding Some Light

David Plachetzki's research involving cnidarians is making important contributions to our understanding of complex trait evolution in marine invertebrates. Learn more at.....

Taking it to the Bank

Taking it to the Bank

The students in Estelle Hrabak’s Genetics Lab course have been growing plants from seed only to freeze their leaves and grind them into powder with a mortar and pestle. Learn more....

New faculty in Genome-Enabled Biology

New faculty in Genome-Enabled Biology

Matt MacManes is an evolutionary biologist working at the intersection of genomics, field biology, and evolutionary biology.  Learn more...

Putting Bacteria to work

Putting Bacteria to work

Soil-dwelling bacteria of the genus Frankia have the potential to produce a multitude of natural products, including antibiotics, herbicides, pigments, anticancer agents, and other useful products.  Learn more...

What's great about the UNH Genetics Program?

  • New major focusing on one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of biology
  • Hands-on experience from laboratory courses in genetics, genomics, and molecular biology
  • Students from CT, MA and RI may qualify for reduced tuition from the New England Regional Student Program
  • Preparation for careers in research, teaching, forensics, genetic counseling, and many more
  • Appropriate major for students interested in graduate school, medical school, dental school, or physician assistant programs
  • Many opportunities to do research in faculty laboratories and present research at scientific conferences on- and off-campus

Meet a Student

Devan Chirgwin (GEN '15)

"For me, UNH is a family affair."

Lauren Turner (GEN '16)

" was especially impressed with the opportunities for undergraduate research that UNH presented."

Michael Malanga (GEN: Genomics '16)

"I chose UNH because it was a comfortable environment that is located near the epicenter of the biotech world."

Nick Rouillard (GEN '16)

"Although UNH was not on my radar originally, all it took was one tour through the campus and I was sold."

Kaylyn Bergquist (GEN '15)

"I knew I wanted to study genetics since my junior year of high school."

Lisa Flaman (GEN '15)

"I chose UNH because the campus is absolutely beautifully and they have an amazing genetics program."

Christopher Carroll (GEN '15)

"I chose UNH for a very simple reason: it was the only place that offered me what I was looking for."

Eric Beaudoin (GEN '15)

"I had been interested in genetics since my sophomore biology class in high school."

Abby Van Note (GEN '15)

"After touring the campus I knew UNH was one of my top choices of schools."